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Brenda Mitchell Photography ​Brenda's life long interest in photography began with film when she lived in Ann Arbor Michigan and received a Pentax K1000 as a Christmas gift. Her interests shifted in 1981 when she moved to Florida where she could enjoy cycling, boating, kayaking and hiking year round. She saw so many beautiful sights on her various treks that she longed to capture them and she would either use her phone or a small digital pocket camera that was always on hand. It was her desire to capture Nature in a way that would do it justice. Her lifetime interest soon turned into a passion and she purchased her first DSLR camera. For someone coming from a film background, the technology was both fascinating and daunting. A digital photography workshop at SCTI helped grow Brenda’s confidence and sparked her creative eye. She specifically turned to the outdoors to capture landscapes and wildlife. Her love for photography, the natural world, and desire to learn and grow has taken her to workshops in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Death Valley, The Palouse Region, Charleston SC, Patagonia and soon, South Africa and the Galapagos. There she has learned and will continue to learn from some of the Industry's finest about the importance of lighting, composition and the subjects’ behavior traits. Her expert training coupled with her commitment and extensive hours spent in the field have ignited her passion to continue to learn, grow, and share.

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